[News] Passport mobile app to simplify passport application process

Passport mobile app to simplify passport application process

Easing the norms of passport application, the government has announced liberalised terms by allowing people to apply for a passport from anywhere in the country, irrespective of their residential address. The move also enables citizens to submit applications using their smartphones.

Till now, a person was required to apply for a passport by approaching the regional passport office (RPO) of their place of residence. However, now the applicant can also apply from their domicile irrespective of where they are living. This is particularly beneficial for people who are living away from home but would want to apply for a passport from a more permanent address, i.e. their home-town. Thus, a person from Chennai, working and residing in Kolkata would be eligible to apply for passport even from Chennai. The police verification and the delivery of passport would be made to the place applied from, i.e. in this case to Chennai.

The passport service is also available for mobile apps on Android and IOS. This would eliminate the use of computers and make the whole process available at your fingertips. The process has been called revolutionary as now it is easier for people from remote areas, who do not have their birth certificates access the application process. It also helps divorced couples as marriage certificates are no longer required. Single parents also benefit from it as giving the names of both the parents is no longer mandatory.

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